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“It’s good because you’ve got someone to talk to and they keep it confidential and don’t tell your parents.”

What she liked most about having a mentor was:

“That you’ve got someone to talk to when you are down.”

Sandra has a clear idea about what she wants to do with her life after school. She has obtained a p/t job at a local shop and will be doing GCSE re-takes at College.

She feels she has calmed down a lot and doesn’t get into fights so much at school. She has also had a lot less exclusions and was named “Pupil of the month” on three occasions at her school.

She feels she can get things “out of her system” when she needs to.

Julie (mentor) feels that Sandra has changed as well. She is much happier to talk about her life and able to act assertively when she’s out and about in town.

They will not be meeting as regularly from now on but will keep in touch by phone and text.

Mentee (all names changed)


“ M+ has stopped me from getting arrested – my mentor has helped me because it’s someone to talk to”

“ I like coming to M+ because I like helping other people”


Mentoring Plus brings kids of the street to keep them out of trouble i.e. offending/re offending

The project matches you up with an adult mentor for a year – this is someone you can talk to, takes you places i.e. cinema - going out for meals etc

You go on weekend residential to meet new people your own age and to meet up with your potential new mentor.

The project runs evening group activities like – cook group, woodwork, football, lad/girls groups for you to get involved with

Youth Action Group

We are a group of young people who come to M+ to give their ideas on how to improve the service

We raise funding to start new projects

We organise and run events – summer fair, play at Egg, Sponsored cycle and abseil

We get involved in local consultation and conferences i.e. Youth Parliament

We have run training for staff  on participation 

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