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Mentoring offers an invaluable experience for young people and mentors alike. There are fantastic opportunities to try a range of activities, develop skills and interests and meet new and interesting people. It really can change your life!

My name is Laura, I’m 17 and I want to tell you how Mentoring Plus has helped me and other teenagers like me.

When I first got mentored, I would hardly go out of my bedroom. I was like the classic emo girl on the corner, not speaking to anyone. I was in such a dark place, I was becoming someone I didn’t want to be and I was really desperate.

Some of the people here were in trouble at school or with the police, but when you talk to them it’s because they’re having a hard time at home, or they’ve got into bad stuff. We’ve got people who have tried to take their own life and self-harmed. Quite a lot have been in care and some others are looking after their mum or dad who are ill or can’t manage.

I’ve been mentored three times and honestly it has saved my life. With mentors I was able to go out in public again and talk to people and feel normal.

I’m at college now and one day I want to help young people who have been through things like I have.

Mentoring Plus has helped me feel like a normal, bubbly, average girl again and that’s something I never, ever thought would happen

Mentoring Plus helps up to 50 young people like Laura every year. Find out all about the Mentoring Plus mentoring programme, the experience of being a mentor and what more of our young people have to say.


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