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At Mentoring Plus we have often been told that whilst parents appreciate the support we can provide for their children they would quite like a little support themselves. In many ways being a parent nowadays is more pressured than it was for previous generations.

Has your child been referred to Mentoring Plus?

It can be worrying if you find out that your child has been referred to us by their school or another agency. We'd like to make sure you are kept informed, you understand what we do and you feel happy to agree to your child being mentored if it's likely to help them.

Many children and young people experience difficulties at some stage as they grow up. They may find it hard to cope with school, or have tricky relationships with friends and family. It's common for teenagers to feel unhappy or angry, and some may show this through disruptive behaviour, isolation or other issues such as substance misuse.

Mentoring is a positive way we can give your child time and space to start thinking about what they are dealing with and how to move forward. Often, talking to an adult who is not a teacher, family member or care professional is easier for your child because the adult is not personally involved.

The main things you need to know are:

You can refer your child to Mentoring Plus yourself if they meet our referral criteria. Please see our referral information or give us a call on 01225 429694.

If you or other family members would also like support, we can let you know about other services available - please just give us a call.

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